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Individual coaching 60min. via ZOOM



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For whom is a New Medicine & 5D consultation useful?

  • who is looking for an alternative recovery....
  • who is looking for a support before or after an operation...
  • who consciously wants to understand and follow their disease...
  • who wants to solve entrenched behavior patterns...
  • who would like to get to know the New Medicine better...
  • who needs a support in New Medicine e.g. for further education, self-study...
  • who would like to have a support in case of a diagnosis....
  • who wants prevention from serious diseases, illnesses protect...
  • who wants to take his own health and the responsibility for it...


  • Biologika New Medicine Coaching does not the medical treatments or interventions and is not  a treatment and no therapy
  • Coaching is a complementary training where you can experience how the given condition works as well as its process.
  • Das Coaching ist eine sehr vertrauenswürdige persönliche Fallaufklärung, bei der das Ziel im Vordergrund steht, dass Du ACTIVELY and can consciously direct the existing changes yourself.
  • You choose the topic of the coaching within the Biologika New Medicine Coaching. After that, together we will go through the possible conflicts, life situations and what emotional upheaval can be related to your change.
  • The Biologika New Medicine Coaching supports you to understand your change, disease. Through the understanding, you can take the lead over the development of your disease and thereby you can achieve mental and physical harmony.
  • The Biologika New Medicine Coaching works with the information you have given, and with the experience, routine, helps you to analyze what exactly the cause could be, what is causing these changes, or what is the cause, (if it is not there anymore).
  • Nevertheless, from little or inaccurate information you try to piece together the puzzle and find the background, cause of the change. If you are in the middle of a change, it depends only on you to solve it. If you are not familiar enough with the new medicine, the Biologika New Medicine Coaching will help you, for example, what symptoms can appear in the follow-up phase.
  • As always, for your life, emotional world, external stimuli, circumstances or inner peace can be only you can take responsibility for it alone. Never expect from the coach what you have to do in life, life situation. However, assistance can be given in the executable solution. Your health all the time depends only on you.


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