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Biologika Organ Atlas in German 2nd



In view of what has turned our lives upside down in the last two years, we want to give many people the opportunity to get to know and learn more about Biologika New Medicine.
Especially at this time, you really need to keep a clear and clean head.

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Relearning to be healthy. Textbook, guide, reference book is a practical natural medicine chest for every household.

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5 biological laws of nature 

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ISBN 978-6-15-818161-7 Relearning to be healthy. Textbook, guide, reference book for every household a practical tool. Reading sample

The Organ Atlas not only describes the possible changes and biological conflict contents, but also explains in a well comprehensible way the inner communication of people, makes the soul and the human emotional world generally understandable. For better understanding, this atlas supplements the already known information, and helps to understand what is described by Dr. Hamer.

The atlas allows a neutral and "strictly biological", bio-logical interpretation of the diseases. With the help of the Organ Atlas, everyone can individually find, decipher and understand the source of the problem, the cause, the push-button, the motive of changes. With the elimination of the real cause of the problem, one is able to control the process of change.

The Organ Atlas is a directionally neutral, unbiased, physiology (life science) interpreting and explaining book. It is objective, holistic, concise, comprehensible and therefore versatile (from the presentation material to the reference book).
Just as the 5 biological laws of nature revealed by Dr. Hamer put the function of living beings and their conditionally appearing changes in a completely new light, the Organ Atlas also conveys a new, "biological" way of looking at things, directed at the natural life processes, as well as the soul world and emotional world of man.


  • organs are not classified in the usual organ systems (according to traditional medical science and modern naturopathy based on it), but they are grouped ontogenetically, according to the so-called cotyledonous lineage gruppiert
  • for the organs grouped in this way, the biological function of the organ is mentioned everywhere.
  • with the organs/tissues highlighted, the events occurring in the emotional world are assigned to the organs.

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