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The 5 biological laws of nature (in Hungary)


Here you get the 5 part basic course videos about the New Medicine in HUNGARIAN

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The 5 biological laws of nature are explained from scratch by Beatrix Berta. How does the law of nature work, or what does it mean to know the laws of nature? It is a natural phenomenon that can be described and proven directly or indirectly. If one does not know these laws of nature that work in us, it would be like jumping into deep water and having no idea how swimming works.

In the past, when a tumor was diagnosed, one never asked the question, what could be the purpose of the tumor growth? Dr. Hamer investigated these questions. He discovered the 5 biological laws of nature and their connections. It is a milestone in the history of mankind. At last we can understand the interrelationships of our primordial programming of mother nature, understand them and apply them to ourselves.

One can calculate it mathematically quite exactly, when our special programs expire and thus we can turn our fears finally the back. Beatrix Berta passes this knowledge on understandably to interested people, laymen, doctors, pupils, students.

Conflict examples from the daily life of people are brought closer and which symptoms to our organs arise from it. The former so-called diseases like cancer, metastases, infections etc... are not diseases at all, but a sensible response reaction of mother nature as a natural change appearing special programs.

This includes the mood and mental disorders which have been uncovered such as: Manias, Depressions, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Phobias, Depression, etc....
More about this in the advanced courses "Coming soon.."


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