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CHRISTMAS OFFER in double pack from 06 December to 24 December

Make a joy for your family, friends, acquaintances and give away the knowledge about the causes of the diseases



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Aus gegebenen Anlass, was unser Leben gerade jetzt und seit 2020 auf den Kopf stellte, möchten wir vielen Menschen entgegen kommen und die Biologika Neue Medizin nahe bringen.

Especially at this time, you really need to keep a clear and clean head.

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New Medicine & 5D Coaching

Lerne Dich neu kennen und erfahre wie Dein Körper auf Deine Emotionen reagiert. Die 5 biologischen Naturgesetze spiegeln genau wieder, wie der menschliche Körper eine Veränderung, also eine “Krankheit” entstehen und verlaufen lässt.

Die 5 D Coaching & Recall Healing® runden deine Weiterentwicklung ab, indem sie dort beginnt, wo die Neue Medizin aufhört.

10% Ermässigung auf Einzelcoaching, wenn Du einen Organ Atlas hast! (schreibe den Gutschein-Code “10%” an der Kasse)

Übersicht der Bücher

New Medicine Books

Secrets, functions & description of diseases in a single BOOK “Biologika Organ Atlas” and for children “The mysterious world of your organs”

Vdiscounted tariffs in EU, CH, USA CANADA. Versand nach Amerika schon ab 15 Euro


Starts with a basic course


Thank you for being here. My name is Beatrix Berta. Biologics New Medicine and 5 D Coach. My direct view is that I cannot directly influence things in the world. But what I can change, myself, my decisions, my feelings, which also has a significant impact on my environment. I like to talk to people and to inform, support and help those who want to turn to me with confidence for a balance for themselves.


Cancer will be a thing of the past when we are ready to learn and become aware.

New Medicine Coaching

Biologics New Medicine

Bio-logic is the further development of the 5 bio-logic laws of nature, discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and revolutionarily developed by Roberto Barnai with his "Organ Atlas". Behind EVERY nnatural DISEASE there is an emotional shock experience...

Recall Healing ®

What influences do the mother's emotions have on the behavior, development, life, health of her child, which the mother experiences before pregnancy during the 9 months, and after birth until the child's 1st year of life.

5 D Coaching

Through our earthly journey on earth, entities attach themselves to us, which nourish themselves through us and take over the spiritual leadership in daily life. This means we are being lived. Through OCCUPATIONS certain patterns, behaviors, addictions, urges develop, which are interpreted by our society as personality....

My philosophy is...

The inner satisfaction, the infinite love can manifest in us only when we can look at ourselves and accept the responsibility for our life and health, which we often unconsciously give or gave out of our hands.

There come the moments in our lives when we are open to new information, as well as to change and transformation. In this way I can support people who turn to me with confidence to further develop their personality, to become aware of themselves, to find inner solutions and to recognize them.


If we are able and willing to take on our problems, fears, and our innermost "darknesses", examine them and become aware of them, and work to resolve them....


When we are able and willing to let go of our pattern of behavior, as well as a loved one and a particular memory, for example....


When we are able and willing to love ourselves, to forgive ourselves....


When we are able and willing to accept another random person from the heart....


When we understand that every person is unique, fantastic and perfect as they are....

Neue Medizin & 5D Coaching

Basically, during a coaching session (counseling) the cause and solution is explored. There are several approaches to how coaching can work.

Live Webinar/Seeding

The events take place either online or on-site. There is also the possibility to organize events in your area if there are more than 10 interested people. Please contact us in this regard at: info@neuemedizin-coaching.online


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