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Biologics New Medicine

The five biological laws of nature were discovered by Dr. Ryke Hamer in 1981. With their knowledge the so-called old medicine (orthodox medicine) was turned upside down.

Whoever knows and understands the five biological laws of nature no longer needs to be afraid of the changes (so-called diseases). What is there to be afraid of? Always of what one does not actually know, of what one has little knowledge. We are afraid of the unknown. With the knowledge, understanding of the five biological laws of nature, it is possible to understand the connections, processes of the changes that occur in the body. One has the chance to understand how the connections between psyche, brain and body work. The five biological laws of nature consider people on these three levels.

With this knowledge, one is able to recognize how the emotional oscillations, the biological conflicts can cause a physical change "disease". It is important to know that not all conflicts trigger a change; for this to happen, some preconditions must be fulfilled in the conflicts. It is also important to understand that we and only we can be responsible for our life, health, illness, even if the consequences are unpleasant. Doctors have the ability to save the life of a person in emergency, life-threatening situations, to alleviate the symptoms, but are not able to solve our conflict and life situations, to change, to control our thoughts.

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