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Biologika Organ Atlas in English


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For given occasion, which turned our lives upside down just now and in the past 2 years, we would like to meet many people, and bring the New Medicine close.
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Relearning to be healthy. Textbook, guide, reference book is a practical natural medicine cabinet for every household.
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Relearning to be healthy. Textbook, guide, reference work, a practical aid for every household.

The organ atlas not only describes the possible changes and biological conflict contents, but also explains the internal communication of people in a comprehensible way, makes the soul and the human emotional world generally understandable. For a better understanding, this atlas supplements the information already known and helps that of Dr. Hamer described to understand.

The atlas enables a neutral and "strictly biological", biological interpretation of the diseases. With the help of the Organ Atlas, everyone can individually find, decipher and understand the source of the problem, the cause, the push button, the motivation for changes. With rectification, with the elimination of the real triggering cause, one becomes able to control the course of change.

The Organ Atlas is a direction-neutral, unbiased, physiology (life science) interpreting and explanatory book. It is objective, holistic, concise, generally understandable and therefore versatile (from the presentation material to the reference work). Like Dr. Hamer disclosed 5 biological laws of nature, the function of living beings and their conditionally appearing changes in a completely new light, the organ atlas also conveys a new, "biological" approach, directed at the natural life processes, as well as the human soul and emotions.



  • The organs are not classified in the organ systems commonly used (according to traditional medical science and modern naturopathy based on it), but are grouped ontogenetically, according to so-called cotyledon origins
  • In the organs grouped in this way, the biological function of the organ is mentioned everywhere.
  • In the case of the highlighted organs / tissues, the events occurring in the world of emotions are assigned to the organs.

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